What color will you paint your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom?

A red painted accent wall

Choosing the right color for your interior walls is difficult. An older idea suggests that you use dark colors in your bedroom. Dark colors were supposed to cause you to relax. Another idea that I remember suggests that you do not use colors like black because they are depressing colors. We now see different information when it comes to interior paint. Young … [Read more...]

Curb appeal for the long term homeowner

Applying finishing Rhinos hield Coating

Curb appeal is important when you attempt to sell your home. Buyers do not only look at your home, but it looks at the neighborhood where the home is located. Many homeowners associations have rules concerning curb appeal. If you stay in an older subdivision, city or county codes might also affect curb appeal. Some neighborhood associations offer prizes to … [Read more...]

An Interior Paint Alternative

Nature's Cote Ceramic Interior Painted bathroom

Nature’s Cote is a ceramic coating for the interior walls of your home. In the post, “Paint your rooms with Nature’s Cote” I told you about this new way to paint your rooms. I even told you a few benefits of using Nature’s Cote. You were able to see why Nature’s Cote is better than paint. There are several additional reasons why Nature’s Cote … [Read more...]

Paint your rooms with Nature’s Cote

Room painted with Nature's Cote Interior Paint

You can choose to paint your bedroom with regular paint, but Nature’s Cote has additional benefits. Yes, you can still purchase Nature’s Cote in a flat, a semi-gloss, or a gloss finish. You can also purchase it in the shade that you desire. What are the benefits of using Nature’s Cote interior ceramic paint? (Nature's Cote) Nature’s Cote has zero VOC … [Read more...]

New paint, less work, more curb appeal

Our curb appeal - house and yard

Now that your home has a freshly painted look and requires little maintenance, what will you do with your time? There are additional effects that can add to your home’s curb appeal. This Old House has an article that presents several tips that will add to your curb appeal. Some of the tips are not relevant because they are included in the Rhino Shield (RS) … [Read more...]