Part II of Rhino Shield Application Process

Rhino Shield New York Application Process

We recently discussed the application process for Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating. For a quick review, see Part I of Rhino Shield Application Process. We last talked about caulking all holes, cracks, and areas around windows and doors. Next comes masking. We will mask off all areas of your property that will not received coating. When the finish coat is applied … [Read more...]

Part I of Rhino Shield Application Process


We can tell you all the facts of Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating, but in order to get a true sense of the quality of the product, just take a look at the detailed application process. It is the in-depth process that ensures that our coating will bond completely to your home and give you a long-lasting, durable finish. The Rhino Shield application begins with a … [Read more...]

How Does Rhino Shield Adhere to Most Any Surface?

Rhino Shield Primer

Rhino Shield is the choice of many homeowners and business owners  because of the fact that it can be applied to most any type of exterior. Whether your exterior is stucco, brick, stone, wood, cement, or even aluminum, Rhino Shield can give you the fresh appearance you long for and the long-lasting ability of ceramic coating. The reason why Rhino Shield is … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield Chosen for Commerical Coating


Rhino Shield is primarily marketed to homeowners looking for long-lasting, durable paint, but it is beginning to be popular in commercial businesses as well. The picture above is the inside of NASCAR's primary wind tunnel that carries 100+ mph winds. Rhino Shield was chosen to coat the inside of the tunnel because traditional paint could not withstand the high … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield Testing & Quality

Rhino Shield Testing & Quality

Rhino Shield undergoes continuous testing to ensure that we are providing homeowners with the best product possible. Here are some of the tests that are completed on Rhino Shield: BASF Testing One of the best known chemical companies, BASF, has tested Rhino Shield for breathability, tear resistance, tensile strength, flexibility, and viscosity. Rhino Shield … [Read more...]