Understanding Wood Rot and Its Causes


While there are a number of physical damage problems that can manifest in a home, perhaps none is as frustrating and debilitating as wood rot. Most any home can fall victim to wood rot where there is significant amounts of lumber, and serious damage can occur if it is not treated properly. Wood rot is caused by two primary factors: water and fungus. While … [Read more...]

Update on Gambling Project


A few weeks ago we profiled a major project we're working on for John Grambling, famous for hosting the beloved Rambling with Gambling program on WOR in New York. We're happy to say the process is coming along nicely, as it always does, and we've got a few more photos to share with you of the work in progress: Check back with us in the future to … [Read more...]

Need-to-Know Info About VOCs


You might have heard the term thrown around before, but what exactly are VOCs? Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals that are organic in nature but are often quite harmful to human health. These chemicals are often given off from everyday products you find in the common household, but usually in very minuscule amounts. In larger amounts, however, serious … [Read more...]

Avoid Dark Colors For Your Home Exterior


When you're deciding on what color to paint your home's exterior, all that matters is whether you like the color or not, right? Not quite, actually. The color you choose for your home’s exterior paint can matter in more ways that just that. When you are choosing a color for your home, try to avoid using dark colors on the exterior. Heat absorption: Darker … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield on Social Networks


Did you know that Rhino Shield of New York is on Facebook and Twitter now? Just about everyone is using one or both of these great tools for connecting with others and sharing content and information all over the country. Rhino Shield now has accounts on both networks, so you can follow us on the go and keep up with the latest news and information related to … [Read more...]