All About the Look of Rhino Shield


We've had plenty of customers come to us and ask lots of questions about what Rhino Shield looks like once the process of applying it is actually finished. The look of your home's exterior is very important, no one doubts that, and so we understand this concern. Thankfully, though, it's something you definitely don't have to worry about. Even though it's completely … [Read more...]

Fall is the Perfect Time to Install Rhino Shield


Well the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are coming to an end, and soon it will be getting a lot cooler out there. Children will be going back to school, and it'll be a lot quieter around the house during the day, leaving you some time to get much-needed projects completed around the house. All these factors make now the perfect time to schedule an installation … [Read more...]

The Magic of Rhino Shield


All the time, people come to us and ask where we got the name "Rhino Shield" from. Well, no one truly knows for certain where the name came from, however many speak of a long lost legend: The Legend of the Rhino Shield... The people of Hometown were a happy, and prosperous people. They lived and worked together as a community, and made a wonderful life for … [Read more...]

Wood Replacements and Your Home


If you've been a regular visitor to our blog, and we're sure you are, you already know about all the protection and value that Rhino Shield adds to your home. Being able to have the protection of Rhino Shield first means making sure your home is prepared to undergo the process, and all the details need to be checked out completely. What's one of the more common … [Read more...]

Another Completed Rhino Shield Project!


Back in early July, we started work on completing a Rhino Shield installation on the home of local radio personality John Gambling. After hours and hours of work, we're proud to say we finally completed the update to John's home, and you can really see the difference. Take a look back at the photos we posted in July, then compare them with how the house looks … [Read more...]