Get Your Home Ready for Cooler Temperatures


Winter is coming, and once it gets here it's going to get pretty cold outside. You'll be concentrating on staying warm inside your home, and sometimes that means several treks over to the thermostat to keep the heat going. Not only can that get very tiresome, but it also costs you money on your energy bills. However, you can prepare for the colder seasons … [Read more...]

Making a Great Home Investment Means Getting Rhino Shield

home investment rhino shield new york

This week we stumbled across an article on the best home improvement projects, and discovered that making improvements to your home's siding made the list. According to the article, homeowners saw an average of an 80% return on their investments. Investing in your home with in-depth home improvement projects is always a good idea for maintaining the look and … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield is the Perfect Choice for Green Homeowners

Rhino Shield eco-friendly

Homeowners all across the country are putting a greater and greater emphasis on eco-friendly home projects and features. Having a home that's "greener" and more energy efficient can help in several ways, and just about every facet of your home can be a factor.  Yes, even with your home's exterior. When it comes to choices with your home's exterior, Rhino … [Read more...]

A Few Terms From the Rhino Shield Glossary

Often times on our blog, we'll end up using some certain terms that might be unfamiliar to some of our readers. There are several words and and technical terms that are most associated with Rhino Shield and other related issues, and we thought giving a few definitions might help clear things up for the layman: Ceramic: Any material made from nonmetallic minerals … [Read more...]

What Does Rhino Shield Look Like? Find Out in the Gallery!

Rhino Shield New York Gallery Look

What's one of the most asked questions we get regarding our Rhino Shield product? Customers everywhere always want to know about the look of Rhino Shield once it's finished. We've talked plenty of times before about how even though it's much tougher and thicker than normal paint, once it dries it's virtually indistinguishable from paint. But you don't have … [Read more...]