Rhino Shield Draws Glowing Reviews Nationwide

Rhino Shield New York customer satisfaction ceramic coating

Being the best has everything to do with meeting your customers needs and making sure they're satisfied with their product. That's a very important priority for us at Rhino Shield, and that dedication has paid off in the constant positive feedback we get from customers. It's no surprise, either, since Rhino Shield offers so many positive benefits for homeowners. Thousands … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield Adds Even More Strength to Brick

Rhino Shield New York for brick homes

While customers that own homes with wood or vinyl siding are among the more common jobs where Rhino Shield is used, brick homeowners shouldn't feel left out. In fact, coating your brick surfaces with Rhino Shield brings a new level of protection and strength to this already sturdy, reliable home building material, and homeowners in New York would be wise to consider … [Read more...]

No Home Coating More Eco-Friendly Than Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield green home improvement products

Being more conscious of your environmental impact is becoming a larger and larger priority for the average consumer. This is especially true for homeowners, many of whom are always looking for new ways to make their homes more eco-friendly and sustainable.┬áIt might surprise you, but Rhino Shield is actually a great home improvement option for making your home … [Read more...]

Versatility of Rhino Shield Can Work For You

Rhino Shield New York ceramic coatings

Your home is unique and special in its own certain ways, and because of that it needs special care. Depending on your home's construction materials, climate, and other factors, there are certain concerns that are more relevant to you and your house, and adapting to those concerns is key. Rhino Shield understands this, and that's why we offer a wide range of products … [Read more...]

Get a Preview of the 12 Step Rhino Shield Process (Part II)

Rhino Shield New York ceramic coatings for homes

Earlier this month, we went over the first half of the Rhino Shield installation process to give you a good idea of the work we do and what it involves. We promised you a look at the second half of the process, and that's what we have scheduled for you today: Priming: This is where the real serious work begins, when we start applying the coating with our … [Read more...]