Preparing Your Home for Spring Season With Smart Maintenance

Rhino Shield New York home improvement ceramic coatings

Tired of the cold Winter getting you down? Well worry not, Spring is almost here and that means things will definitely be warming up in the future. Before Spring really kicks into gear, homeowners all over New York would be wise to get prepared for the coming season, and that means taking care of a little Spring cleaning and maintenance jobs. To help you out, … [Read more...]

Connect with Rhino Shield New York on Facebook Today!

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In case you never saw it before, we actually do have an official Rhino Shield New York Facebook page. We're really excited about having a presence on one of the most popular social media sites you can find on the Internet, and we wanted to invite all of our past and present clients and customers to connect with us. Just visit our official Facebook page and … [Read more...]

New Jersey Home Show Coming in March

Rhino Shield Long Island New Jersey Home Show

If you want to know the best, most enjoyable way to find new ideas for home improvement and interior design, the best place to go is a nearby home and garden show. These massive expos usually feature lots of great information resources and product displays for homeowners who are wanting to find new and better ways to make their house a little more comfortable, … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield Featured Again on HGTV’s ‘Curb Appeal’


It was a really proud moment for the Rhino Shield organization when our product was first featured on "Curb Appeal"on HGTV. Apparently, the people involved with this popular television show were so impressed with our product they decided they wanted to feature us yet again! On a recent episode of "Curb Appeal," a family who was pretty dissatisfied with the … [Read more...]

Understanding the Downsides of Darker Shades For Home Exteriors

Rhino Shield New York ceramic coatings

Which kind of color do you think works best for home exteriors: light or dark? If you answered dark, then you were right, and it's pretty easy to understand why. There are a whole host of important reasons to choose lighter shades over darker ones, some of which have serious effects on your home. With Rhino Shield ceramic coatings, we do have a wide selection … [Read more...]