Most Important Reasons Rhino Shield is Better Than Paint

Rhino Shield New York ceramic coatings for homes

You have options when it comes to choosing how to decorate and coat your home's exterior. Paint may have been the popular option in the past, but that's all about to change. Rhino Shield is becoming more and more popular with homeowners around the country, as they discover all the great benefits it offers. Not to mention, it's far more durable and reliable than … [Read more...]

Get Your Money’s Worth From Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings

Rhino Shield New York home improvement projects value

Your home is more than just a roof over your head, it's an investment. Like any investment venture, making the smartest decisions possible will lead to stronger financial ground. That's why homeowners are always concerned with finding home improvement projects that have a high return on the initial investment. When it comes to these sorts of projects, Rhino Shield … [Read more...]

Stucco Homes Benefit A Lot From Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings

Rhino Shield New York stucco homes repair ceramic coatings

Getting frustrated by having to repair your home's stucco exterior? It can be a really annoying process to go through, not to mention pretty costly. And even then, you're not guaranteed that more cracks or chips won't appear again in different places. Maintaining and repairing a stucco exterior can be tough, but what if there were an easier way? Actually there … [Read more...]

Freshen Up Your Home For Spring With Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield North Carolina Spring home painting

There's something about the return of spring that puts people in a mood to set things straight and looking bright and cheerful. Everyone knows about the annual tradition of Spring cleaning, and it's become a priority for so many homeowners and families because it's a great way to begin a new season on the right foot. Spring cleaning isn't just for the interior … [Read more...]

Why Use Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings?

Rhino Shield New York ceramic coatings

What distinguishes Rhino Shield from other, traditional paints that homeowners sometimes use is pretty simple: ceramics microspheres. The high-quality ceramic microspheres found in Rhino Shield resist damage over time and keeps your home looking bright and new for years. But what's so special about ceramics that gives Rhino Shield such strong properties? For … [Read more...]