Rhino Shield Performs Better Than Paint

Rhino Shield

Paint looks good when it is new. But wouldn't it be great if there were a product that had the appearance of rich, thick paint but performed better and lasted longer? With Rhino Shield, there is! The revolutionary Rhino Shield ceramic coating system employs ceramic elastomeric wall coating technology. The benefits are clear: Traditional exterior paint is … [Read more...]

Super Shield High Performance Roof Coatings

Super Shield

Rhino Shield is proud to announce Super Shield®. Super Shield®’s elastomeric ceramic roof coating systems, which are ideal for many types of roofing substrate, including asphalt shingles, bonded roof gravel, slate, cedar shake shingles, among other roofing substrates. Super Shield also accommodates any roofing slope. Super Shield® latex-based products … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield Covers Variety of NY Homes

Rhino Shield wood

Rhino Shield is used in a vast variety of applications in New York, Long Island, and around the world. These images show Rhino Shield in action: Wood. Rhino Shield products have been tested and proven to resist water, mold, and mildew. Commercial. The wood trim on the building below were painted with Rhino Shield. Rhino Shield’s elastomeric … [Read more...]

Realtors Say Painting Helps Sell Home


The National Association of Realtors recently released an article entitled "Want to Sell Your Home Quickly? Think Paint."  The piece, in Realty Times, suggests the following painting tips for resale: Choose a neutral color. Whites, off-whites, or neutrals appeal to the widest spectrum of buyers. Fit in with the neighborhood. Consider neighboring houses … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield is BASF Approved


Rhino Shield tests its products extensively to ensure value over the long term. Many top ASTM laboratories, including BASF, test and verify the high performance characteristics of the Rhino Shield coating system. Rhino Shield must continually pass the industry’s most extreme internal thermal tests where substrates are coated with Rhino Shield® and then … [Read more...]