A Message of Hope to All States Affected by Hurricane Sandy

message in bottle

  Sometimes a little hope goes a long way and we think this is one of those times. As residents of Long Island, NY we share in the uncertainty and frustration that comes with natural acts beyond our control. As Hurricane Sandy puts a halt on how we live and run our business we want to send a message of hope to every Long Island family and every state along … [Read more...]

Join the Rhino Shield Newsletter


Would you like to know about new products, specials and events from Rhino Shield? You are cordially invited to join the Rhino Shield Newsletter. The best part about signing up with Rhino Shield is the fact that your information will not be sold to third party dealers. Another bonus is that our newsletter is monthly. That means your inbox will never fill up with … [Read more...]

The Rhino Shield Difference


As many Long Island, NY residents begin to winterize their homes, we thought this would be a great time to reintroduce the timeless beauty and durability of Rhino Shield's elastomeric ceramic coatings for residential and commercial exteriors. It might sound like we're bragging, but science doesn't lie. Rhino Shield's exterior ceramic coatings out performs … [Read more...]

Say Goodbye to Chipped and Peeling Paint

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Most homeowners repaint their homes every 5 years--yes, this gives them the opportunity to change the color of their home. It's also another opportunity to spend a lot of money and a few hours arguing over a shade of blue. If you are tired of the usual house painting ritual come discover the never chipping, flaw sealing benefits of Rhino Shield over regular exterior … [Read more...]

Paint it with Rhino Shield Ceramic Coatings


Did you know Rhino Shield ceramic coatings covers brick?  It's true! Our elastomeric ceramic coatings bond with surfaces, which reduces the risk of chipped, cracked or peeling paint. It also saves homeowners the hassle of  painting every 5 years! The following is an excerpt from our second appearance on HGTV's Curb Appeal. In this episode, you will meet … [Read more...]