Begin the New Year with a New Coat of Paint

Chicago Truck - ceramic paint after shot

The New Year means it is time for new beginnings. Homeowners can start the year off right by refreshing the home’s appearance with a new coat of paint. This simple change turns a drab, weathered-looking house into a welcoming, new environment. When you choose to do this, do it the best way by choosing ceramic paint, provided by Rhino Shield, and avoid standard … [Read more...]

Going Green? Choose Eco-friendly Paint from Nature’s Cote

nature's cote

The latest consideration in home renovation is going green by eliminating chemicals and conserving energy. Thanks to Nature's Cote, homeowners can go green with their paint and choose brilliant color that lasts. Most paints use cheap resins and chemical fillers to add volume to paint without increasing costs. This leads to paints that are mostly water. Nature's … [Read more...]

5 FAQs about Rhino Shield


Rhino Shield ceramic coating is an eco-friendly, durable alternative to regular house paint. The addition of resin and special ceramic nanotechnology provides a strong, thick protective coating you will not get with other kinds of paint. If you are considering Rhino Shield for your home, you may have some questions. Here are answers to some common ones. What … [Read more...]

The Types 3 Super Shield Roofing Systems


Super Shield ceramic roof coatings have earned the leading reputation of long-term protection for any commercial building application. Roof material and slope determine the best roof coating system to select. For sloped roofs, consider Roof One Coat, which is a ceramic self-priming elastomeric coating formulated with high resin content. Great adhesion without … [Read more...]

Review the Rhino Shield Product Line


Rhino Shield is proud to showcase their extensive line of elastomeric ceramic exterior wall coating systems. After working hand in hand with leading chemists and being in research and development for over a year, Rhino Shield was created. Now a leader in their field, Rhino Shield has an entire line of outstanding ceramic exterior wall coatings that are easily … [Read more...]