Fun Facts about Rhino Shield’s Microspheres


Rhino Shield looks like paint but performs better because of its ceramic microspheres. This patented ceramic technology consists of ceramic globes with rigid ceramic walls. Like all ceramic components, these microspheres offer high heat and UV ray resistance. Rhino Shield is formulated specifically for buildings, be they residential or commercial. The … [Read more...]

The Distinctive Advantages of Rhino Shield

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If it is becoming apparent that your home needs a new paint job, then you should get the highest quality coating available: Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating. Quality matters, not only for your home’s aesthetic, but also for its protection. The following are a number of benefits of using Rhino Shield. Long Lasting –The ceramic coating consists of a rubber-like … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield Proven Effective


Rhino Shield ceramic coating has been proven effective by independent tests. Rhino Shield performs better and lasts longer than paint because of the following attributes, which are tried and true: Class A. Rhino Shield has a Class A fire rating, as determined by ASTM testing laboratories. Water. Rhino Shield's ceramic microspheres make it water resistant. … [Read more...]

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Long Island Coatings / Rhino Shield of New York is proud to present Rhino Shield, which is a high-performing ceramic coating system. We value input from our customers, so please feel free to follow us on the social media outlets below: Facebook. This social networking site (SNS) is one of Rhino Shield's favorite ways to share photos of our most recent projects. … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield Comes in a Variety of Colors!

Rhino Shield ceramic coatings are available in over 1,500 colors. Perfect for virtually any home or office, Rhino Shield can be tinted to a color that works for you. Best of all, Rhino Shield ceramic coatings coat brick, stone, block, HardiePlank, vinyl, metal, and more. Rhino Shield looks great on homes of any architectural style. Modern or traditional, formal … [Read more...]