Not Just Anyone Can Become a Rhino Shield Dealer

Sign of on your Rhino Shield dealer

Our customers choose Rhino Shield for a number of reasons. It's highly durable, resists mildew and has an A fire rating. But beyond our quality product, it's important for our customers to know that they can trust their Rhino Shield Dealer. Did you know that Rhino Shield dealers are required to go through a rigorous process before being allowed to distribute … [Read more...]

You Can See the Difference Microspheres Make

Don't settle for anything less than the best

Adding a new surface coating to a home can transform it drastically. However, when you use regular house paint, the new beauty will only last a few years. A more practical and durable option is to choose insulating ceramic paint. The difference lies in the non-soluble particles. Rhino shield ceramic coatings contain ceramic microspheres which provide exceptional … [Read more...]

Protect Your Business From the Elements for Years with Rhino Shield

Protect your investment from the elements

A building’s exterior takes a beating from wind, rain and the glaring sun. Which in turn leads to paint finishes cracking and peeling after only a few years of exposure, leaving your building looking old and worn. Create a better and more professional impression by choosing Rhino Shield ceramic coating instead of paint. Rhino Shield Protects Buildings Our … [Read more...]

Make Your Home Beautiful in Just One Coat


Using more than one coat of paint is not only more expensive, but it also requires more effort and doesn't last as long. Why waste your energy, time, and money when you can get a beautiful finish with just one coat? At this point, you may be thinking that it's impossible. You're right, but only when you don't use ceramic coatings such as the ones we offer … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Color for Your Home

Wood home exterior AFTER Rhino Shield.

Is it time to recolor the outside of your home? It could be that it's fading, you don't like it anymore, or maybe someone just got overzealous with a pressure washer and you've decided you want a new color. But how do you pick the right color? Here are a few deciding factors to consider. What color is the roof? It's likely that you won't be able to paint over … [Read more...]