Love Your Rhino Shield? Tell Us About It!

rhino shield review

So the process is finally done, and now you're home is like new again thanks to your new Rhino Shield exterior coating. We know you're excited about not only how great it looks, but about all the protective power you're getting from this incredible product. In fact, you're bursting with so much excitement that you just can't wait to tell the world. But how do … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield New York: A BBB Accredited Business

Rhino Shield New York

Did you know that we are a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business? We became a BBB Accredited Business early this year and have seen the benefit of having complete transparency with our customers. Future customers that are thinking about using our services are able to search for us on the BBB website and see our profile that include past complaints. BBB … [Read more...]

Preventing the growth of algae, fungus, and decay

Trenching the house Rhino Shield New York

Rhino Shield New York’s website says that its ceramic coating is an acrylic formula that waterproofs, insulates, and soundproofs. In order to achieve these properties, Rhino Shield must prepare the home. One of the most important parts of home preparation is trenching the home. Trenching requires that the Rhino Shield professionals create a trench around … [Read more...]

Curb appeal for the long term homeowner

Applying finishing Rhinos hield Coating

Curb appeal is important when you attempt to sell your home. Buyers do not only look at your home, but it looks at the neighborhood where the home is located. Many homeowners associations have rules concerning curb appeal. If you stay in an older subdivision, city or county codes might also affect curb appeal. Some neighborhood associations offer prizes to … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield’s 12 Step Process Explained: Part II

Comfort Inn Rhino Shield Project

In part one of “Rhino Shield’s 12 Step Process Explained,” we discussed steps 1 through 5. Today we will discus steps 6 through 8. Let’s begin with caulking. Areas around the windows and door casings are caulked. This prevents moisture from penetrating the coating. If your home is wood, special wood filler is used to fill cracks. The home is then masked … [Read more...]