Protect Redwood Structures with Our Rhino Shield Coating


Redwood looks beautiful throughout the year. Whether used as decking or as siding, it enhances the quality and beauty of your home. While an inherently durable wood selection, over time it will begin to show the effects of wind, rain, and sun exposure. It is a wise idea to apply a Redwood exterior paint coating to protect it and keep your Redwood in good … [Read more...]

Know When it’s Time to Coat Your Roof System

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Are you wondering whether coating your roof system is a good idea? It's a question many home and business owners ponder as they seek ways to protect their properties from the harsh elements nature can throw at it. Most roof systems can be coated, but there are some that don't require it because a protective membrane has already been installed. If you have … [Read more...]

What are the Effects of Mold on My Roof?


The effects of mold on your roof can be devastating. From softened boards to rotting insulation, it can wreak havoc on your home, your health and your pocketbook. Further, preventing mold damage is a lot easier than cleaning it up, which is why we strongly recommend you coat your roof in a protective layer of our Super Shield coating. Our Super Shield coating … [Read more...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Termites that Affect Your Home

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"You have termites." That one phrase can strike fear into the hearts of every homeowner. Even so, most people don't know much about the destructive little creatures, so here are five things you didn't know about termites: Termites never sleep. They work, mate, and build all day long. They are like wrecking crews that never need to take a break. Termite … [Read more...]

Why You can Trust Our Tested Super Shield Products

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At Rhino Shield, we take the quality and durability of our products seriously. It's the cornerstone of our reputation and we are constantly testing our products to ensure they meet safety and quality standards beyond those required or standard in the ceramic coating industry. To that end, we are proud to show our Super Shield testing summary to all of our … [Read more...]