Rhino Shield can Protect Your Home from the Summer Sun

sun shining on house

It's beautiful outside and it's easy to take to daydreaming the afternoon's away. While you're pondering your thoughts, be sure to think about protecting your home from sun damage as the sun's rays beat down upon the exterior of your home. The UV rays that beat down from the sun fade finishes, dry out woodwork, and can cause asphalt shingles to buckle. … [Read more...]

Begin Preparing Your Home Exteriors for Spring Weather Elements

power washing home

Spring is here and that means that the rains and winds are about to pick up. If you haven't already started preparing your home's exterior for spring weather, now is a good time to start. To keep your home in condition throughout the season, make sure you do the following as soon as possible. Clean the exterior. Make sure to powerwash the outside of your … [Read more...]

Have You Prepared Your Home’s Exterior for an Inspection?


Scheduling a home inspection is a bit nerve wracking. There are plenty of things going through your mind as you make that phone call. If you are like most homeowners, you will hang the phone up and go outside to take a peek before the inspector arrives. When it comes to what inspectors look for in home exteriors, here are the things you need to pay close … [Read more...]

Use Our Exterior Paint Coating on Your LP Siding


LP siding looks beautiful and will last for a long time in the future if it's properly protected and maintained. This is why finding the right LP siding exterior paint coating is so important. LP siding is susceptible to warping, curling, cracking, etc. as water seeps into the boards. Therefore, it's best to protect it with a coating that will deter and prevent … [Read more...]

Why Rhino Shield Offers the Best in Exterior Ceramic Paint


Quality and durability are the hallmarks of the best exterior ceramic paint on the market. At Rhino Shield, we are proud to say our products possess these two qualities in spades. Without reservation, we are happy to demonstrate the effectiveness of our products to all of our potential clients. Rhino Shield is not only designed to last longer than our competitor's … [Read more...]