The Importance of Priming Before Applying Rhino Shield Coating

house interior

Ever wonder why you should prime before painting your house? The answer is simple: primer serves as a bonding agent that when combined with the surface coating creates an impenetrable layer of protection. Priming fills in the gaps on the surface of your home. It helps fill in joints and cracks, plus it smooths imperfections in masonry, stone, and steel. … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield is Committed to Providing Eco-Friendly Coatings

rhino shield of new york

Rhino Shield eco-friendly ceramic coatings are durable and designed to last. That's why homeowners and business owners use our products to protect their properties. Over the past decade, we've continued to improve our formulas and enhance their protective capabilities. That's what any good business does. However, we've taken it a step further and we're … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield has Products to Fix Your Business’ Rust Problems

steel bars

There is nothing quite as frustrating as watching rust bleed through the bottom line of your operations. It's ugly and expensive which is why businesses are turning to Rhino Shield rust solutions to protect their businesses from increasing repair and replacement costs. Our rust solutions can be applied to steel beams, storage tanks, pipes, bridges, … [Read more...]

You can Expect High Performance from Nature’s Cote Ceramic Paint

Rhino Shield

We're proud to say that our Nature's Cote eco-friendly ceramic paint is blazing a path for others to follow. In developing this revolutionary coating, the goal has been to create a product that surpasses all others in terms of quality, durability, and long-lasting beauty. Nature's Cote eco-friendly ceramic paint is designed to last on average 260 full … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield can Protect Your Home from the Summer Sun

sun shining on house

It's beautiful outside and it's easy to take to daydreaming the afternoon's away. While you're pondering your thoughts, be sure to think about protecting your home from sun damage as the sun's rays beat down upon the exterior of your home. The UV rays that beat down from the sun fade finishes, dry out woodwork, and can cause asphalt shingles to buckle. … [Read more...]