Creating your business image with a fresh permanent elastromeric wall system in any color scheme you choose!

Rhino Shield coats brick, block, stucco, cement, wood , metal, and more. Its UV reflectivity and waterproofing will look just like a
traditional paint ,but is guaranteed not to crack peel or chip,all while offering superior corrosion resistance.

Proven wall

Proven wall and roof ceramic coatings to protect warehouses, apartments, condos, churches, hotels and restaurants. Creating your business image with a fresh permanent elastromeric wall system in any color scheme you choose!


Rhino Shield has been used extensively on warehouses across the country. We are experts with metal buildings, particularly those requiring rust solutions. We also offer industrial epoxy systems for floors and high traffic areas that resist dirt and hot tire pick-up.


Having to pay escalated fees month after month, year after year, to have to maintain the buildings' integrity is like throwing money away. Break the cycle and have a fresh look to your substrate for 25 years warranted. Rhino Shield comes in any color and requires no maintenance; will never peel or crack. It's high UV reflectivity, and insulating value will add to the beauty of any condo complex.


Hotels are high traffic buildings that are traditionally hard on paint. Repainting is expensive and inconveniences guests. The proven toughness and longevity of Rhino Shield® makes it the logical choice for hotels.


Protect your restaurant while keeping and maintaining your curb appeal and with Rhino Shield. Our proven technology protects from all elements.


Rhino Shield® is the perfect solution for your retail building. Installations are quick and easy, minimizing customer interruptions. Our highly skilled Rhino Shield® dealers offer custom color matching to ensure your building is compliant with any corporate branding requirements.


Curb appeal is not simply important to the residential market. Condominiums, apartment complexes and multi-family homes can all benefit from Rhino Shield. Our long lasting coatings protect and beautify your building. Most importantly, Rhino Shield dramatically reduces exterior wall maintenance work, thus eliminating tenant inconvenience and lowering maintenance costs.

Professional Buildings

First impressions are crucial for owners of professional buildings. Whether they be physician offices, banks, law firms or the like. Keep your building looking new for years to come. Rhino Shield is perfect for buildings of any age and material.

Churches / Synagogues

We take pride in the work we have done on Churches / Synagogues across the country. Discover why so many communities have turned to Rhino Shield to coat their place of worship. Rhino Shield's durability and longevity out-matches the competition. From high-rise steeples to large-scale church buildings, Rhino Shield has the experience you need.

Long Island Coatings

Pipe and specialty coatings.