Demonstration of Ceramic Coating Insulation

Demonstration of Ceramic Coating Insulation

If your home is in need of a new coat of paint, then it’s a good idea to use ceramic insulating paint. Ceramic paint offers superior protection by weathering the elements much better than other paints, as well as helping to add an extra layer of insulation to your home. The insulating properties of ceramic are on full display in this demonstration. 

rhino shield video

The demonstration involves two frying pans placed on two burners that are providing the same amount of heat for the same period of time. One of the frying pans is store bought, while the other has been covered with a ceramic coating by Rhino Shield. The individual in the video records the temperature of both, and finds that the frying pan without the ceramic coating measures at more than twice the temperature than the frying pan with the ceramic coating. This shows that ceramic coatings offer protection from severe temperatures.

Your home may not be a frying pan, but Rhino Shield’s ceramic insulating paint will work in a similar way. The paint also happens to be eco-friendly, meaning that there are no hazards that can affect you or the environment. Contact Rhino Shield of NY for more information.

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