Color Trends for Interior Paint Colors

Photo via Denver Post

Photo via Denver Post

Are you getting a little tired of the color of the interior wall coating in your home? If so,then you should give some thought to applying a new shade. The following are a few color palettes that are currently popular among homeowners. Use them to inspire your creativity!

  • High Voltage  Palette – These color choices, such as Electric Lime and Gladiola, are bold and eye-catching, meaning they’ll draw the attention of anyone in the room immediately. Don’t use this palette if what you’re looking for is subtlety!
  • Mineral Hues  Palette Chalky hues that are seen in weathered shutters, sea-buffed stones and mineral deposits help to blend the concepts of time and nature. This palette is known for giving off a comfortable and pleasant mood.
  • Retro Glamour Palette Colors such as Citrine, Peridot and Amethyst, all of which are semi-precious gems, offer a soft feel that is uncomplicated.
  • Natural Palette Many homeowners are looking for uncomplicated and natural colors such as flag red, true yellow and grass green.

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