Fun Facts about Rhino Shield’s Microspheres

Rhino Shield looks like paint but performs better because of its ceramic microspheres.

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This patented ceramic technology consists of ceramic globes with rigid ceramic walls. Like all ceramic components, these microspheres offer high heat and UV ray resistance. Rhino Shield is formulated specifically for buildings, be they residential or commercial. The benefits of this ceramic coating are shown below:

Rhino Shield

Whereas traditional paint chips and peels easily and has to be replaced, Rhino Shield holds up better to the elements and lasts longer. This saves money and time.

The insulating benefits of Rhino Shield lead to lower heating and cooling costs. Because of this, Rhino Shield is not only a way to add fresh color to your home — it is also a good investment.

For more information on how Rhino Shield can protect your New York or Long Island home, office, or business, call us at 877-744-6608.

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