How Does Rhino Shield Prep Improve the Quality?

How Does Rhino Shield Prep Improve the Quality?

The Rhino Shield product protects your home like nothing else on the market, but that unparalleled protection starts long before the application takes place. The application is only a very small part of the process and your Rhino Shield dealer makes quality work its top priority.

The process that ensures the best outcome.
The 12-step process used by Rhino Shield dealers, leaves your home looking and performing better than ever. This process leaves customers raving about our work.rhino-quality

1. Closely inspect the home
2. Trench around the foundation
3. Power washing
4. Repair damage to siding
5. Scrape loose paint
6. Caulking
7. Masking windows
8. Primer application
9. Apply ceramic coating
10. Detail touch up
11. Clean work site
12. Final customer approval

This is how a professional coating is done properly on your home. The service, the materials, the effort and a superior finish make the difference for Rhino Shield customers.

Long Island Coatings, your local Rhino Shield dealer, proudly delivers its services at a fair price and they won’t leave until the job is done right and the customer is satisfied. Call for an estimate today and end painting forever.

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