Is Your Roof Right for the Super Shield Difference?

Is Your Roof Right for the Super Shield Difference?

Roof maintenance is a vital part of home maintenance. A worn or damaged roof can lead to water damage, mold problems and other serious issues.  Super Shield is a protective roof coating containing microspheres made of ceramic.

Image via Rhino Shield.
Image via Rhino Shield.

This coating may be applied to most types of roofs.

What Roof Surfaces are suitable for Super Shield?

Super Shield may be applied to many types of roof surfaces, including slate, concrete, clay, aluminum, asphalt shingles, primed metal, bitumen membranes and cedar shake shingles.

Super Shield’s Roof One Coat is designed for sloping roofs. The Flat Roof system is designed for roofs with a moderate slope.

Why Choose Super Shield?

Your home’s roof is exposed to every weather extreme and the intense heat of the glaring sun. Over time, an unprotected roof will rot, mildew, crack, or warp. Roof coatings protect your roof from weather damage and help you avoid costly roof repairs or replacement. Super Shield provides a waterproof membrane that offers premium protection through all seasons.

Super Shield is available in several colors, and all of our products are professionally applied. For more information about how you can protect your home by using Super Shield, please contact us.

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