3 Things to Consider when Choosing an Exterior Paint Color

There are a lot of things to consider when painting the exterior of your home. Doing so is a much different process than painting the interior. You have to consider the landscaping of your property, the architecture and where your home is located and its relationship to its surroundings.

Rhino Shield

Rhino Shield

  • Architecture – The shape of your home has a lot to do with what colors will work and what colors won’t. Bright blues and yellows aren’t going to work very well with a classic Victorian style architecture.
  • Placement – Think about where your home is located. If your house sits away from the road, slightly secluded from any other houses, you may want to pick out some lighter colors to help it stand out a bit more.
  • Shades – All houses should use three different shades of paint, one for the dominant color, one for the trim and one for the accents, such as doors, shutters and other small areas.

When deciding on colors for your home, be sure to use ceramic insulating paint. This type of paint will last much longer, is way more durable, waterproofs your home and is eco-friendly as well. For more information, contact Rhino Shield today.

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