RhinoShield Insulates

RhinoShield Insulates

Although RhinoShield’s primary purpose is to be a beautiful, long-lasting wall coating, it also has the added advantage of insulating a building. The reason is that RhinoShield’s ceramic microspheres reflect the sun’s rays and thereby prevent solar heat gain. Here are the details:

  • Lower wall surface temperature. The ceramic wall coating system does not absorb themedium house suns rays as much as traditional paint. This helps prevent the coating from braking down.
  • Lower cooling costs. Because the walls are cooler and less heat gets inside, energy consumption is reduced.
  • Barrier. Not only is RhinoShield an insulating barrier, it also protects against rain and wind.
  • Thicker than paint. RhinoShield’s densely packed ceramic microspheres are thicker than traditonal paint — this adds to RhinoShield’s insulating power.

RhinoShield’s insulating properties are just the beginning. RhinoShield also resists mold, mildew, and algae. Because of its durability, it does not have to be maintained as thoroughly or as often as paint.


For information about how RhinoShield can protect your building, call 877-744-6608.

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