RhinoShield Weathers New York’s Climate Well

RhinoShield Weathers New York’s Climate Well

New York, especially the Long Island region, can have harsh weather. From snowy winters to hot summers, the climate here puts a lot of stress on the exterior walls of buildings. Traditional house Long Island thumb
paint does not work well in this environment. It chips and peels and then has to be scraped and re-painted — it’s an expensive hassle.

RhinoShield performs better than traditional paint in New York’s climate. 

The RhinoShield difference is due to ceramic coating technology. Ceramic microspheres coat better and seal more than traditional paints can. The coating is thicker, more durable, and longer-lasting than traditional house paint. This makes it a favorite of New York homes, offices, warehouses, and other structures.

RhinoShield looks like paint, but it stays looking new longer. RhinoShield has been successful for over a decade because architects, builders, contractors, and designers in New York (and nation-wide) trust it.

For information about how RhinoShield can coat your New York or Long Island building, call 877-744-6608.

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