How Our Exterior Paint Coating is Perfect for Log Cabins


Log cabins require special care and preparation that goes above and beyond the typical home. Among these, finding a log cabin exterior paint coating that can provide high levels of protection is of the utmost importance. Log cabins should look rustic and unrefined, but that doesn't mean they should look old, dingy, and run down. The exterior surface is natural … [Read more...]

Use Our Exterior Paint Coating on Your LP Siding


LP siding looks beautiful and will last for a long time in the future if it's properly protected and maintained. This is why finding the right LP siding exterior paint coating is so important. LP siding is susceptible to warping, curling, cracking, etc. as water seeps into the boards. Therefore, it's best to protect it with a coating that will deter and prevent … [Read more...]

What are the Effects of Mold on My Roof?


The effects of mold on your roof can be devastating. From softened boards to rotting insulation, it can wreak havoc on your home, your health and your pocketbook. Further, preventing mold damage is a lot easier than cleaning it up, which is why we strongly recommend you coat your roof in a protective layer of our Super Shield coating. Our Super Shield coating … [Read more...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Termites that Affect Your Home

Source: Wikimedia Commons

"You have termites." That one phrase can strike fear into the hearts of every homeowner. Even so, most people don't know much about the destructive little creatures, so here are five things you didn't know about termites: Termites never sleep. They work, mate, and build all day long. They are like wrecking crews that never need to take a break. Termite … [Read more...]

How You can Save Money on Ceramic Coating


The word "money" commands a lot of attention, and there are plenty of ways you can save some money by making sure your home is protected from the elements outside. When it comes to tips on how to save money with ceramic coatings, the following advice is something you will want to take note of: Ceramic coatings last considerably longer than traditional paints. … [Read more...]