Why You can Trust Our Tested Super Shield Products

Source: Rhino Shield

At Rhino Shield, we take the quality and durability of our products seriously. It's the cornerstone of our reputation and we are constantly testing our products to ensure they meet safety and quality standards beyond those required or standard in the ceramic coating industry. To that end, we are proud to show our Super Shield testing summary to all of our … [Read more...]

Begin the New Year with a New Coat of Paint

Chicago Truck - ceramic paint after shot

The New Year means it is time for new beginnings. Homeowners can start the year off right by refreshing the home’s appearance with a new coat of paint. This simple change turns a drab, weathered-looking house into a welcoming, new environment. When you choose to do this, do it the best way by choosing ceramic paint, provided by Rhino Shield, and avoid standard … [Read more...]