Protect Your Wood Areas From Termites With Rhino Shield


The dangers of termites cannot be understated. Aside from water and fire damage, termites are the worst nightmare of homeowners from Tacoma to Tampa. If left alone, termites will eat your home or business right out from under you. You can prevent termite infestation by taking the simple step of applying Rhino Shield to your home's exterior.  Our 11-step process … [Read more...]

How You Can Benefit by Protecting Your Home’s Siding and Trim


25 years is a long time to enjoy the beauty of your home and the beautiful trim that frames its outline. That is exactly what you will do when you protect your home and trim with the durable and long-lasting products we offer at Rhino Shield. Siding and trim can be costly to repair and replace. Since they are the first line of defense that protects your home … [Read more...]

Catch Rhino Shield on HGTV

HGTV Curb Appeal

We are proud of the reputation our company and products have achieved. As word of our ceramic coatings continues to spread from coast to coast, we look forward to seeing more homes and businesses enjoying the Rhino Shield advantage. As they say, a picture is a worth a thousand words and a video is worth even more. That is why we are thrilled that Rhino … [Read more...]

Nature’s Cote Outperforms the Competition

Image of Nature's Cote logo

When you paint your home using Nature's Cote, you are getting much more than just a decorative wall covering. Test after test have shown that the benefits of using this incredible product go far beyond simply making your home look nice and pretty. Here are just a few of the benefits that the product provides that you won't find in any other paint: Durability … [Read more...]

A Soundproofed, Green, Resilient Paint: What More Can You Ask For?

Choose Nature's Cote

At Rhino Shield, we take our commitment to quality seriously. That is why we only use Nature's Cote for the interior painting needs of our clients. This eco-friendly ceramic paint is not only beautiful, but it is the most resilient and durable paint on the market. What makes this Nature's Cote unique is the chemistry that has gone into its production. It contains … [Read more...]