Explore Our Customers’ Favorite Exterior Color Choices

exterior paint colors

Your home is one big canvas that you adorn and decorate to highlight your personality and design tastes. To that end, the following are some Rhino Shield exterior paint colors our client's have used to turn their home into the belle of their neighborhood: Kettledrum, Softness, and Kendall Rose - These colors create a charming and blissfully relaxed exterior … [Read more...]

Know the Dangers of VOC Content in Traditional Paints

VOCs in paint

Pollution that you see is easy to take care of and remove. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous pollutants are those that you can't see. It's only been relatively recently that the dangers of VOC's in paint are something that scientists and health professionals have begun to understand. Paint has traditionally contained large numbers of chemicals … [Read more...]

Own a Coastal Vacation Home? Rhino Shield can Protect it From Salt Water

Rhino Shield

After a long winter of working and being cooped up, it's time to take a break and head to the shore. If you're planning to spend a little time at your beachside getaway, remember to think about our ceramic coating protection against salt water damage while you're resting by the sea. The ocean is beautiful and relaxing, but it is also extremely damaging … [Read more...]

How Does Wind Cause Damage to My Roof?


Wind is one of the most damaging forces of nature. It has the ability to cause immediate damage in a windstorm, or sustained damage as the years pass by. This makes it something you have to be constantly paying attention to. Roofs are built to withstand standard wind loads common to the climate in which they are installed. As wind blows over the roof, … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield has Products to Fix Your Business’ Rust Problems

steel bars

There is nothing quite as frustrating as watching rust bleed through the bottom line of your operations. It's ugly and expensive which is why businesses are turning to Rhino Shield rust solutions to protect their businesses from increasing repair and replacement costs. Our rust solutions can be applied to steel beams, storage tanks, pipes, bridges, … [Read more...]