Embrace Our Low-Maintenance Exterior Coating This Hot Summer

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There's nothing better than hearing the words "low-maintenance" when it comes to your home. That's why we are pleased to say that our low-maintenance Rhino Shield home exterior coating is precisely that. In fact, it's so low-maintenance you'll need to mark it on your calendar to remember to do it. Rhino Shield requires a thorough washing not every year, … [Read more...]

How Rhino Shield Saves Your Business Money

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Rhino Shield ceramic coatings for businesses are designed so that you'll have one less thing weighing on your bottom line. Once applied, you'll have up to 25 worry free years where you won't have to think about repainting your entire building. For starters, Rhino Shield is designed to create a solid layer of protection between your business and the elements. … [Read more...]

Important Facts Regarding Our Rhino Shield Product Testing Summary

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At Rhino Shield, we are continually seeking ways to improve our products and make them even more effective at protecting our clients home and businesses. To that end, we're rather proud of our Rhino Shield product testing summary that shows we are doing a fantastic job of ensuring our products are the most effective in the market. We rely on ASTM laboratories to … [Read more...]

Explore Our Customers’ Favorite Exterior Color Choices

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Your home is one big canvas that you adorn and decorate to highlight your personality and design tastes. To that end, the following are some Rhino Shield exterior paint colors our client's have used to turn their home into the belle of their neighborhood: Kettledrum, Softness, and Kendall Rose - These colors create a charming and blissfully relaxed exterior … [Read more...]

Know the Dangers of VOC Content in Traditional Paints

VOCs in paint

Pollution that you see is easy to take care of and remove. Unfortunately, some of the most dangerous pollutants are those that you can't see. It's only been relatively recently that the dangers of VOC's in paint are something that scientists and health professionals have begun to understand. Paint has traditionally contained large numbers of chemicals … [Read more...]