Improve Your Home with Our Wood Painting Services


Wood is one of the primary materials used to construct homes across the country. Whether used structurally or for decoration, protecting it is essential so that it won't weather, rot, and fall apart over the years. Rhino Shield residential wood painting is designed to do just that and it offers the following protection for your home: Rhino Shield creates … [Read more...]

Learn the Benefits of Our Composite Painting Services


Construction is changing and in the past few years composite materials have become ever more popular for building everything from homes to businesses. Composites provide a reliable building material that is both resilient and easily applied. Since it is made of wood and plastic, it's durable and long lasting. Rhino Shield composite painting services can … [Read more...]

Lower VOCs Means Better Air


Indoor air quality has gotten a lot of coverage over the past few years. As more and more Americans seek to lead healthier lives, their attention has been focused on cleaning up not only the outside environment, but the environment in their homes as well. Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC's have been found in very high concentrations throughout American … [Read more...]

Keep Metal Surfaces Fresh With Rhino Shield’s Red Iron Oxide

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Rust is one of the worst things you can ever see on your metal surfaces. When rust forms, it indicates that a fixture's lifespan is coming to an end. If it isn't stopped, the rust will continue to eat at it until it falls apart and needs to be replaced. Instead of spending money on costly repairs or replacements, consider applying Red Iron Oxide to the … [Read more...]

Rhino Shield’s International Markets

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The goal of any company is to grow so large that the business begins spilling across global borders. At Rhino Shield, our business is growing around the world and we have distributors in the Middle East, Africa, and Central America with plans to keep on traveling. We have been able to conduct business internationally because our products can stand up to everything … [Read more...]