Stay Cool This Summer with a Super Shield Protected Roof

Stay Cool This Summer with a Super Shield Protected Roof

If you are looking for ways to reduce cooling costs, increase the longevity and functionality of a roof, and rejuvenate an old roof's appearance, then you should consider getting a Super Shield ceramic coating for your home. Super Shield is a state-of-the-art ceramic elastomeric roof coating system that forms a thick chemical membrane that locks out … [Read more...]

Super Shield Offers a New Look at the Fraction of the Cost

Super Shield Offers a New Look at the Fraction of the Cost

There are few aspects of home ownership that are costlier than the cost of a roof replacement. Because of that, it's a wise idea to do everything possible to ensure your roof will last long into the future. At Rhino Shield, our Super Shield coating is designed to do just that. Whether you have ceramic tile or asphalt shingles, the product can be applied so that … [Read more...]

Your Home Can Stay Cooler This Summer with Super Shield

Super Shield

When the summer sun starts beating down on your home’s roof, things will start heating up. And because many roof materials attract and hold onto heat, this may increase your home’s overall temperature, resulting in higher energy costs. Luckily roof coatings can make a difference, and the Super Shield roof coating makes an even bigger difference. Super … [Read more...]

Super Shield: The Roof Coating Solution for Your Home

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Using a durable and strong home roof coating is an essential part of keeping it in good shape. After all, your home’s roof is one of the most important parts and as such, should be well protected. Without the roof, you and your family are exposed to the harsh elements of the weather -- including rain, sleet, snow and even harsh temperatures. Think about all … [Read more...]

The Types 3 Super Shield Roofing Systems


Super Shield ceramic roof coatings have earned the leading reputation of long-term protection for any commercial building application. Roof material and slope determine the best roof coating system to select. For sloped roofs, consider Roof One Coat, which is a ceramic self-priming elastomeric coating formulated with high resin content. Great adhesion without … [Read more...]