Rhino Shield Can Protect Your Home from the Dangers of Mildew

Protect your home from mildew and other issues caused by water damage with Rhino Shield
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The dangers of mildew and mold go far beyond simple discoloration and unpleasant smells. That's because mold and mildew can be toxic and you may not even notice their presence until it has begun to affect your health. That's because mildew and mold are microscopic fungi that flourish anywhere conditions allow. Leave them alone with a little light and a … [Read more...]

Protect Your Wood Areas From Termites With Rhino Shield


The dangers of termites cannot be understated. Aside from water and fire damage, termites are the worst nightmare of homeowners from Tacoma to Tampa. If left alone, termites will eat your home or business right out from under you. You can prevent termite infestation by taking the simple step of applying Rhino Shield to your home's exterior.  Our 11-step process … [Read more...]

Benefits of a Waterproof Home

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Short of termites, no force of nature is more destructive to a home than water. Once it penetrates your home's defenses, it's only a matter of time before mold, mildew, and wood rot destroy the home from the inside out. When this happens, the cost to repair the structure goes through the roof. Because of this, that old "ounce of prevention, pound of cure" … [Read more...]

The Distinctive Advantages of Rhino Shield

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If it is becoming apparent that your home needs a new paint job, then you should get the highest quality coating available: Rhino Shield’s ceramic coating. Quality matters, not only for your home’s aesthetic, but also for its protection. The following are a number of benefits of using Rhino Shield. Long Lasting –The ceramic coating consists of a rubber-like … [Read more...]

Interesting Facts About Rhino Shield

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One of the most important elements of an exterior home renovation is your home’s paint job. The outer coating of your home is the structure’s first line of defense against all of the elements, whether snow, rain or hail. Not to mention that it contributes to the general aesthetic of your home as well. When choosing a coating for your home, strongly consider … [Read more...]