Our Rhino Shield Coatings are Perfect for T1-11 Exteriors


T1-11 exterior paint coating is one of the most popular sidings on the market these days. Strong and durable, it's designed to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it. Less expensive than cedar siding, it exudes plenty of charm and gives any home a rustic appearance. T1-11 siding is plywood that has been laminated to create a strong and practically … [Read more...]

Why Rhino Shield is Better than Vinyl Siding

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For years, vinyl siding has been the "go to" product people have chosen to protect the exterior of their homes. Cheap, easy to install, and long-lasting, vinyl siding was the best product available. However, times have changed, technology has advanced, and there are plenty of reasons why ceramic coating is better than vinyl siding. Vinyl siding actually … [Read more...]

5 Important Things to Know about Painting a Block Wall Exterior


Block walls are beautiful, and when fit together just right they provide a stunning visual effect that is intriguing and awe inspiring. Even though they are often made of concrete or natural stone, painting a block wall exterior is essential to protecting them and keep them looking beautiful. To that end, there are five important things to do before painting … [Read more...]

How to Properly Maintain Your Rhino Shield Ceramic Coating


One of the greatest benefits of ceramic coatings is that they look brand new even years after they've been applied. They are highly resistant to UV rays which means the coating won't fade easily, and they are impervious to water penetration. Combined, this means they won't peel, crack, or chip like traditional paint. It's this durability that makes ceramic … [Read more...]

What are the Signs of Wood Rot on My Home?

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Wood rot is an insidious form of damage to a home. It slowly gathers speed as the years pass by and then one day you'll notice your paint is cracking and your woodwork is simply crumbling in your hands. That's why it's important to know the signs of wood rot on your home so it can be treated as early as possible. First, look for fungus and mold. These are … [Read more...]